On My Kindle

On My Kindle is our meme/feature where we showcase some of the ebooks to received, whether it was bought, free or for review! Feel free to take part and leave your links in the comments section!

Well that's ALL the books I got this past week. Did not back, think I only bought a few. Most were freebies or gifts. But I did win Witch Way Bends and Bitten Shame

What did you get?? 


  1. Whoops typo. That could say "did not bad" not back. Will fix when I'm back online. :)

  2. Usually the ebooks I get for my kindle are just free books (either food related or for kids mostly). But recently I did get a few YA reads: Starters/Lissa Price, Eve/Anna Carey, City of Bones.

  3. Wow, just a couple then lol I haven't heard of most! I've had switched on mine since I first got my kindle last year and still haven't read it!

  4. Didn't get a lot of books this week, but here's the link to the few that I did get!



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