Mini Review: Bare Art (Bare Art #1) by Maite Gannon

Reviewed by: Siobhán
Format: Kindle Ebook
Pages:  25
Published: 21st Nov 2011
Publisher: self-published
Source: Bought
Genre: Adult contemporary/Romance
Buy: Amazon UK I Amazon US
A cellist, a painter, and a gawker.
Brothers Matt and Pete only wanted a quiet, clean roommate, and artist Claire seemed to be a perfect fit, until they discovered an interesting habit of hers. Claire paints in the nude.

Bare Art is a short adult novel at around 25 pages. It's about Twins Pete and Matt and their new roommate Claire. Matt is attracted to Claire but Pete doesn't think its a good idea because they are all roommates. However, after one day an invitation from Claire to Pete things go beyond just being roommates.

Rarely I find myself completely in love with a short story. Usually I enjoy them just they aren't usually long enough for me to love. However, Bare Art is something special. Pete is blind and loves playing music. Matt is more of a loud mouth and Claire is an artist. The author has managed to create relationships and chemistry between the characters that isn't force. Especially with Pete and Claire its not full on like a lot of erotica tales. It's beautiful and very sensual. I found myself completely captivated by their scenes together.

One aspect that I loved was the fact Pete is blind. He uses in sense of touch to see and the author has used this in the story between Pete and Claire. I personally felt like it added a kind of innocence to it. And just made it beautiful.

I am really happy there is a sequel because I need more of these characters. I highly recommend Bare Art. I managed to get this while it was free. However, it's only 77p and well worth it!!

 Rate: 5/5


  1. Ohhhh that sounds good, love the cover too!

    1. Same! The cover is hot. I read the sequel and the review should be up soon. Not as good as this one but still ok.


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