New Look is Here!!!!!!

Well here it is!!!

After many many hours. We can finally reveal the new look. We hope you like as much as well do. I will be going through as many of the posts as possible to update to the new look. But this could take months so I will only do the reviews and the past few weeks. 

Grab our button which on the right (scroll down)

And please tell us what you think? 
Of course if you love it woohoo

And if you hate it.....................................
Well tough it's our Blog ;) lol. 
I am only kidding. :)

I am still undecided on our rating icon. Just now I was thinking of using these:



Not 100% sure yet. 

Here is an updated review to match the look so you can get an Idea of future posts

Well......that is all I think. Please leave some lovely comments below :) We won't bite I promise!!

Anyway, Hope you like it as much as us!! Please leave some lovely comments.


  1. I love the bows. Then again I am partial to bows. ;) I would have to see how the hearts look too. ;)

  2. Great new look! I think I like the bows :)

  3. love the new blog look :) and even tho i LOVE hearts im gonna say go for the BOWS as its sooo different :) and will be a fun way to describe reviews lol

  4. I love the new look and the colours! I think i would choose bows over hearts. :)

  5. Lovely :-) And I like the bows better!

  6. Love the new look. I might be the only one, but I'd choose the hearts for the rating system.

  7. Love the new look. It's so cute and colourful :) I would choose the bows over the hearts

  8. I love the new design, it's very cute and pretty! And it's also very summery too so I'm sure it will brighten up everyone's faces when they visit :)

    A Reading Daydreamer

    1. Aw thanks. I hope so. It makes me smile so hopefully it does with others.

  9. Love the pink and purple! So pretty!

  10. Its so so pretty!! Congrats ladies :)

  11. Aw so pretty and girlie love it!


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