March is Mine: CANCELLED!!


yip! I've given up on doing March is mine. It's 15th and I've only managed to finish one book from my March reading pile. So I'm calling it a day and giving up on it. Instead I'm going to start doing is with every review book I finish I read a personal one :)

Siobhán @ Totally Bookalicious


  1. Aww :( I completely understand why you gave up. I'm supposed to be reading my review books this month but I've barely had time to sit down and read in the past two weeks :( And even if I have a few hours, I'm so tired I can't read..

    I hope you'll be able to read some of your own books soon! :)

  2. It's ok....i get it. I read review books during the week and books on my own list each far its working i only agree to read books i am interested in.


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