UK vs US Round #3

Each week we put two covers up against each other in cover battle throughout the year. Scores are recorded weekly under each post. Feel free to comment on what book cover you prefer!

UK                                US
Touch of Power by Maria Snyder
Out Now
Siobhán: This isn't the kind of book I would personally read. However, there is no denying that both these covers are truely stunning. I am completely torn. The UK one screams POWER and the US is breathtaking. I adore both but I am leaning more towards the US one and it actually making me want to read it just to see whats its all about.

Destiny: I loved the US cover with its gorgeous colors....and then I saw the UK cover. The UK cover just screams power and magic. It is beautuful and really catches your attention. I have to go with the UK on this one!
UK                                     US
Shadow of Night (All Souls #2) by Deborah Harkness
UK: 10th July 2012
US: 10th July 2012

Destiny: I was stunned by the UK cover immediately. The US font is very pretty, but really: less is more. The multiple colors on the US cover are just too much to me. The UK cover keeps it simple and the cover fits the title - as well as complements book one, A Discovery of Witches, very well. Another UK win for me!

Siobhán: Very easy one this time. UK! Its very subtle but bold at the same time. The US one has far to much going one. I don't really like busy covers they put me off. So UK win!

Round #3: UK

UK: 2
US: 0
Draw: 1


  1. i like the US cover for touch of power and i'm not sure on the other one... i like them both.

  2. UK and UK for me this time.

    I like both of the covers for the first book but I really don't like the US cover for Shadow of night ( a series that I must start)

    Hope you girls are well.

    1. Thanks for stopping by :) yeah neither of us liked the US cover for Shadow of night. Lol.

  3. Eh, I don't like either cover for Shadow of night but if forced I guess I'd pick the UK cover
    And I've always preferred the UK cover for TOP :)


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