The Pull of Gravity Super Giveaway Winners!

Thank you to everyone who entered the giveaway for The Pull of Gravity! There were a LOT of entries!! With the help of, the following winners were selected:

Prize Pack #1: Hardcover Copy of The Pull of Gravity, Signed Swag, Signed Bookmarks (U.S. only)

Prize Pack #2: Signed Swag, Signed Bookmarks (U.S. only)

Prize Pack #3: Signed Bookmarks (U.S.)
Mick C

Prize Pack #4: Signed Bookmarks (International x2 winners)
Imel Cullen

Congratulations to you all!! You have all been sent an email with details on what I need to send you your prize packs. Please try to respond within 48 hours so I can mail prizes promptly.


  1. Thanks you super duper duo for doing this! Hope you love the book and the swag. :)

    xo Gae


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