Damn You Autocorrect! by Jillian Madison

Format: Paperback
Pages: 280
Published: 5th May 2011
Publisher: Virgin Books
Genre: Adult Non-Fiction, Humour
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Damn You, Autocorrect! brings together some of the laugh-out-loud funny and painfully embarrassing posts from the hit website, which highlight the hilarity that often ensues when messaging goes wrong: girlfriends getting together for 'manila penis,'(mani pedis); a husband texting his wife that he 'laid' the babysitter (paid); a friend asking if someone got tickets to the 'Lady Vagina' (Lady Gaga) concert, and the most popular image on the website so far: a father texting his daughter that he and his mother were going to divorce, when they were in fact just going to Disney. Oops. The phenomenally successful Damnyouautocorrect.com began when author Jillian Madison innocently tried to invite some friends over for gelato. Autocorrect, however, had another idea, and asked them over for a night of 'fellatio' instead. And that's just the tip of the iceberg. Damn You, Autocorrect! includes 200 never before seen submissions to the website, as well as an introduction from the author and website creator, Jillian Madison.

We have all been there right? Sent that text without re-reading what it said and then end up in a very embarrassing situation? Yip of course anyone with a smartphone has due to that pesky Autocorrect feature (Sweep Texting in the UK).

Damn You Autocorrect is a website that I am sure everyone has been. The text fails are simply hilarious and if you have been on it Where have you been hiding? Check it out trust me it totally worth it. www.damnyouautocorrect.com

The Creator of said website bring some of the best texts from the website along with some new ones that hadnt been seen before and put them into this fantastic little book. It's packed with hilarious texts and I mean "I almost wet my pants" hilarious. Split into parts you have funny and awkward texts between friends, colleagues, and my favourite part - Texts between Parents and their Kids. OMG It just too funny.

Aswell as the all the texts right at the start of the book Jillian tells the readers why she set up the website, what is autocorrect and a page full of common autocorrection that your phone does LOL.

Damn You Autocorrect is just amazingly funny and expectionally cringworthy LOL. It's a great read if you need cheering up and even though the website has tons of the embarrassing texts, the book is great to have for those nights you just need a quick laugh and easy to share with those who don't really use the internet that much.

So do I recommend this book? HELL YEAH!!! LOL. I sat last night trying to sleeping but then I would remember a text from the book and end up in stitches. However, alot of the rude and crude texts in the book so probably not suitable for young readers.

WARNING: Read at your own risk, side splitting funny and laughing so hard you might pee your pants LOL!!!!

Rate: 5/5


  1. Ok this sounds so good. I have had lots of bad auto corrects on my phone.

  2. Sounds funny. I think there are a few books out like this one.


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