The Book Depository Affiliate Pot

Hello everyone

Some of you may be aware of the buttons to the right side of the blog. But for those who aren't this post is for you.

We all love having giveaways right? Especially international ones. So I decided to add The Book Depository Affiliate button. If you go to TBD site.through our button and buy your books the blog gets a 5% commission on every sale.

The more you guys buy going through the button, the more earns. So far we have $4.20/£2.62 in earnings. However we need to earn $40/£25 before that earnings are given to us. And once we reach that target we will host a big giveaway!!!!!!!!

So please all I'm asking is when you buy your book from TBD why not come here go to the site via out referral button?

All earnings go towards hosting more giveaways for you!!

Siobhán & Destiny

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  2. Oohhh awesome! You're doing well hun, keep it up! ~ Donna

  3. I've been buying my Xmas presents through it Aswell. So at least its something. Fingers crossed more people start using it. Lol.


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