Movie Review: Speak

Classification:PG 13
Studio: Showtimes Ent.
Run Time: 93 Minuntes
DVD Release: 27th Sept 2005

Based on the award winning novel by Laurie Halse Anderson, "Speak" unfolds a story about Melinda (Kristen Stewart), a smart and spirited high school freshman who retreats into self-imposed silence after she is raped one night at a party. Feeling isolated from her classmates and from her preoccupied mother Joyce Sardnino (Elizabeth Perkins), Melinda retreats further in an attempt to escape the torments of high school. It is only through her work in art class with the help of her compassionate art teacher Mr. Freeman (Steve Zahn) that she begins to reach out to others and eventually finds her own voice and inner strength. A feature debut of director/co-writer Jessica Sharzer, "Speak" resonates with stubborn honesty and sardonic humor as we follow Melinda on her journey from traumatized isolation to a brave and final triumphant disclosure.

Speak Trailer

WOW! That is the only word that even comes to mind of this amazing movie. I was totally blown away by.

It is based on the novel and stay fairly true to the book. I really enjoyed that book. However, I actually enjoyed this more. I think its the kind of story that needs to be a movie to properly appreciate the plot.

The casting for this is just superb. Kristen as Melinda is got to be her best performance. Now I do love her as Bella and I know alot of people are like "oh she can't act" well you watch this movie and then come back here and tell me she can't act. I didn't cry with the book. However, Kristen acting skills had me in tears. She has a raw talent and I am become a proper fan of her movies and will continue to follow her career. I hope we get to see her in more emotional roles as this.

The plot is captivating. It follows Melinda as she struggles through her freshman year in high after a traumtic event during a summer party that she tells no one about and ends up calling the police and now everyone hates her. The story even though its dark and emotional, its still really enjoyable and funny. Just like the book.

Being in the UK the movie isn't available on region 2. However, I did manage to watch it. And now I really thinking about getting a new dvd player that lets me play region 1 movies. I feel like the movie and book should be available everywhere as its a powerful story that really touching. A must for schools I think.
For my review of the novel see HERE

Rate: 5/5


  1. My daughter and i watched it a while back and couldn't stand it. The movie was good but for us both her acting is blahh. I know a lot of people like her but I don't. To me she is boring to watch. That is my opinion and not everyones. Please don't throw rocks lol.

  2. Aw sorry to hear. Every one has different opinions. I adore her though. Think I've seen all her movies. This and The Runaways are my faves.

  3. Not a Kristen fan either I'm afraid. However I had not heard of the book, sounds like an interesting plot.

  4. I've read the SPEAK book (well I didn't finish it because it wasn't interesting) but I haven't actually seen the movie. Wanted to for a long time but can't find it anywhere.


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