Beautiful Malice by Rebecca James

Format: Paperback
Pages: 353
Published: 1st April 2011
Publisher: Faber and Faber
Genre: YA Psychological Thriller

Katherine has moved away from her shattered family to start afresh in Sydney. There she keeps her head down until she is befriended by the charismatic, party-loving Alice, who brings her out of her shell. But there is a dark side to Alice, something seductive yet threatening. And as Katherine learns the truth about Alice, their tangled destinies spiral to an explosive and devastating finale.

I have seen this alot of amazon but it never sounded like a book I would enjoy and plus I really didnt like the old red cover. However, one day when I was out in Waterstones book store with my son I noticed this edition and I was really drawn to it. I don't know why. So I decided to give it ago and got in their 3 for 2 offer. And I am so glad I did.

Beautiful Malice follows the story of Katherine as she is trying to escape her past and just get through the rest of high school. She soon befriends Alice, who comes in to life like a fresh of breath air and Katherine is living her life and having fun. However, soon their friendship turns sour and the awful event involving Katherine's sister Rachel become clear. But can Katherine really get away from her past?

Ok I am going to get the negative out the way first so I can then tell you what I loved. I did really enjoy this and its flowed just perfectly. However, personally I am not a big fan of chopping and changing from past to present. I have read a few books that do this and most of them will tell you when its a different time so stop you getting confused. This book doesn't. One chapter we are seeing Katherine in high school then next we are pushed forward 5 years later and honesrtly is confused me a little. However, apart from that I loved this story.

What I loved about this story was that its very dark. And really makes you think about the world. What happens in this is something that goes on the world. Its not some made up event that never happens to anyone. It is something that can happen to anyone and thats down right scary to think. Katherine has moved away from her home town after a family tradegy, she is a really likeable character and blames herself for what happened to her sister. And I think that is really understandable why she would blame herself. However, I think if I was in her situation I would have did the same. (Really trying not to give any spoilers) When she meets Alice everything changes. Alice is one of those girls who is really charming and everyone likes. I did at first. it was hard not to when she was being so nice and caring for Katherine. Although soon we see a really different side to Alice, its dark and evil and sick.

As mentioned above about the changing of times. It did leave me confused a little. However, we get to see three different stages of life for Katherine and we gradually find out the what really happened that awful night that changed Katherines life forever.

Beautiful Malice really is one of those reads that shock you but in a good way. I think this is the darkest book I ever read. What I really liked is how Rebecca James doesnt skip over some of horrific details. She brings what is on the pages come alive and make you really feel. You are going to really go through the motions with this novel. And really makes you think about everything. It makes you think about how life is precious and in the blink of eye it can be gone.

This is my first Psychological Thriller and it won't be my last.

Rate: 5/5


  1. Oh this isn't normally what I'd go for either but you made it sound hard to pass up! I'll have to give it a try :)

  2. Usually I wouldn't have read it but so glad I did. I got this one free when I bought my son 2 books. But its a really good book and my first book set in Aus.

  3. Great post! Great review!
    Must read!!


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