Again! by John Prater

Format: Paperback
Pages: 32
Published: 2nd Oct 2003
Publisher: Red Fox
Genre: Children's Fiction, Picture Book

One warm sunny day a little voice says, "Play with me," and Grandbear wakes up to entertain Baby Bear. Whatever activity they choose, Baby Bear never tires of doing the same things over and over again, whether it's building with bricks or stamping and stomping on sandcastles. Eventually, Grandbear needs a lie down in his hammock, and snuggles up with Baby Bear to read a story. As Baby Bear hugs him it's Grandbear's turn to murmer, "Again, again..."

I received this for review for Best Books, they kindly sent me thing wonderful little book in exchange for a fair and honest review. I read this to my son and we really enjoyed it. Its just a really sweet and adorable kids books. This is going to be a Mini Review with my thoughts and most importantly my sons thoughts on the story. Again tells the tale of Baby Bear and Granbear as they spend the day together playing games and having fun and like most kids they want to do things Again and Again but Granbear is always trying to get baby bear to do different activities.

Again really is a very cute story. The story line is very simple and easy for young children to follow and quickly pick up the the pattern of the story. Baby Bear is like alot of kids, when they enjoy something they want to do it over and over. And GranBear is like everything parent/granparent doesn't really like playing the same game over and over and is always trying to think up new games.

The book itself is perfect for little hands and great for a learning book. The pictures are colourful and simple that just capture a young mind and the writing is spaced out enough that it easy for little ones to follow as you read.

I asked my son after reading the book what he thought of the book and if he enjoyed it? And of course he really did.

"Yes I really like the story, I'm Baby Bear! can we read it again?"

My Son really did like this book. We have read it so many times over the past week he knows it off my heart. I love the fact that he knows he is just like Baby Bear. He also likes holding the book as he feels like a big boy following the words and turning the pages. We will be looking into more of John's works and no doubt we will read them Again and Again lol.

Rate: 4/5

Orginally Review: 3 July 2011

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