Cover Lover: Fool's Silver by Alice Moss

Mortal Kiss: Fool's Silver by Alice Moss
*5th Jan 2012*
A gorgeous boyfriend and a long summer in Winter Mill to look forward to - things are good for Faye McCarron. Then her friend Lucas disappears without a trace. But nobody seems to care -until two strangers arrive in town.

I am so excited for thus sequel. Book 1 was so good. I love this cover. Usually I'm not a big fan of people on covers but lately I have noticed that I'm starting to like it. And I just love this. I think it captures the story. It's quite eerie and I just love the wolf. Aaahhhhh really can't wait!!!
Siobhan XOXO
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  1. That cover is so pretty..omg ahah (:

    -haley from Ya-Aholic

  2. I know. It's so pretty. So much nicer than the book 1 even though book 1 is pretty this just so much better I think its the darkness of it.

  3. found the first book and i read the blube and i fell in love with it then i read it i want the next one already ,,, love the cover u can see finn alot better now i thing or is that lucus ???,,, i do hope there is more next to come after this one !! xxxxxx


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