Guest Review: Bloody Little Secrets by Karly Kirkpatrick

Format: Kindle ebook
Published: April 28, 2011
Publisher: Darkside Publishing
Genre: YA Fantasy, Paranormal

17-year-old Vicky Hernandez has a big problem. She's dead. Or not quite. After discovering she's been turned into a vampire, she tries to settle into a quiet suburb of Chicago and return to a normal life. If only she could stop wanting to bite her boyfriend. Not to mention she is dying to find out who turned her, and why. She doesn't have to wait long before they come to her.


Bloody Little Secrets was an extremely easy book to get drawn into from the beginning. Main character Vicky wakes up in a coffin and can't figure out how she ended up there. We follow her through her journey of discovering she is now dead, or more accurately, undead - a vampire, to be exact. This proves to be hilarious. I found myself laughing out loud at times. Vicky is hysterical as she compares her blood cravings to humans smelling like chocolate and muffins. Or when she almost has a panic attack when she realizes she might sparkle in the sunlight like the vampires in Twilight.

All the humor aside, Vicky has her "Bloody Little Secret". She has to survive in a human world on her own now without her family. She has to have money. She needs blood. She needs the basic essentials - shelter, clothes, and even companionship. She learns she can use her powers to her advantages and starts building a life for herself and makes friends and even finds love (despite wanting to eat him on occasion).

This may sound like a fluffy little "chick lit" YA paranormal, but Karly Kirkpatrick delivers a heavy dose of suspense by tossing in a gang of ancient vampires who are out to capture Vicky. They want her at any cost. Vicky's new friends and boyfriend are quickly pulled into the game of cat and mouse with her and the "stakes" are immediately raised for Vicky. The twists and turns in this book left me reading late into the night and kept me on the edge of my seat. The ending was fantastic and I can only hope the phenomenal Kirkpatrick has a sequel for Vicky and company up her sleeve!

Rate: 5/5


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