Distract My Hunger by X. Williamson

Pages: 122
Published: January 31st 2011
Publisher: Palibrio
Genre: YA Fantasy, Urban Fantasy

Sometimes who we are is deeply hidden within our genes... A spellbinding story about discovering one's own nature, and how it can be completely different from what you expected. Can our essence have more to it than simple, plain humanity? Do we really know who we are deep down to the core? Iris is a regular teen; she loves parties and wants to fall in love but something dark and unexpected lurks within her veins... She discovers she was born a vampire and is just waking up to her true self. Life's complexity, well kept secrets and a thrilling twist in Iris's seek for her true nature. If you thought you knew everything about vampires, you are up for a surprise... Nothing you ever believed about them will ever stay the same...

I had seen this floating around the web for a while. I had added to my wishlist because I love vampires and it sounded really interesting. So I was super excited when the author asked to to review a eboo copy. Of course I said yes and I wasn't disappointed.

Distract My Hunger, is a short story with only 122 pages. You'd think that with not alot of pages you wouldnt have full story. Well this is packed with excitement. Its a real page turner from start to finish.

The story follow Iris as she is telling us about her life. I loved how the author has did this. Usually when I read a book that is the main character telling us their life there will be a big chuck of the past then come back into the present. However here, it like talking to friend. Iris start her story and sometime she rambles onto to another topic and then back to the first point. It not confusing though. I do this when I am talking to friends I start one topic then go onto another then back again. And I think this is the reason why I really liked Iris. It was like she was sitting infront me telling her story. Also Iris, really is a great character. She comes to terms with the fact the she has just found out the she was born a vampire very quickly. Even though it does sometimes mean she has tough decisions to make she doesn't shy away from them even though she may want to.

Distract My Hunger is X. Williamson debut novel. When reading it I actually forgot that this was a debut novel. It was beautifully written with the style of someone who has been writing for year. She has crafted a story that makes you feel like you are there along with the characters.

My only negative was I felt there wasn't enough interaction between the characters. I can read a book alot quick when characters are in conversation with each other alot. Apart from that though it was wonderful and I highly recommend it to any vampire lover.
Rate: 4/5

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