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First of all I would like to say that I’m honored to be here. Siobhan was the first blogger/ book page that noticed my debut Insight. I’ll remember the moment her review was posted for the rest of my life. I was standing in the center of our stables with the people I hold dearest to me. You have to understand for me to have someone across the sea to take interest in a story that was written in my spare time – a story that was made simply for my entertainment was moving to say the least.

Each time Insight reaches a new milestone, or finds a new reader I stop and reflect on how I got to where I am. I make a point to be grateful for each person this story has brought into my life. In that reflection I always go back to the very beginning; the moment that my character, Willow Haywood, spoke to me for the first time.

I’ve had the pleasure of speaking with several authors in my writing group, and across the web. We all tend to have very different stories on how our creation came to be. Some say that they knew the ending, middle, or beginning, but nothing else. For me, I did not have any of those aspects to rely on. All I had was a flash of a vision. In this vision I saw a young, beautiful green eyed girl, and breathtaking blue eyed boy. I did not hear them say anything, but I could feel their emotions. The boy desperately wanted to make the girl understand who she was, to save her from an impending doom that darkness would bring, and though the girl was strong, she was lost.

Not knowing who they were I focused on the girl. Because she was so young I imagined her parents, what they did for a living, what talents they had that could be passed onto her. The vision of her mother came to life easily, and so did her artistic ability. I remember thinking that the talent of art would be a powerful expression for a girl lost inside herself. The name Willow came to me in that instance. The beauty of any artist, whether it is painting, music, theater, or even an author is that they have the power invoke an emotion in their audience. That may sound insignificant at first glance, but when you take into account that our emotions lead to thought, then thought leads to action, and action can change the course of your life it envelopes and entirely new meaning.

Knowing how powerful that ability is I turned it on Willow, allowing her to not only feel the emotions she invoked, but every emotion around her. This ability slowly brought to life the turmoil she endured every day. Knowing who she was at that point in her life I was able to see the world around her, her friends, family, and her town.

At times I swear Willow would speak to me through people in my life. The idea of the string came to me from a woman I’d worked with for several years. We simply had random conversation about what we watched on the T.V the night before. She mentioned how she loved science and explained the string theory to me. I knew then how Willow would reach other worlds. A friend that I’d had for years in a teasing manner one day referred to me and my husband as ‘old souls’ who were without a doubt ‘soul mates’ this inspired the intensity of the bond between Willow and her blue eyed boy. I was talking to a co worker one day about a nightmare she had, that conversation lead us to talk about night terrors and how some people have felt a weight on their chest before, giving credit of that pressure to a demon. I knew then how the book would open.

I could go on forever telling you who, what, and how my imagination was sparked, but I do not want to turn this ‘post’ into a novel! My point is that ideas and inspirations come to each of us every moment of our lives, and acting on those ideas, feeling the gratitude for them, will not only transform your life, but the person you are.

At the end of Insight I realized that the vision I’d seen initially never came to light. The story I’d just completed was only a premise to where I was to take Willow’s life. Each day I take another brave step forward into this adventure that Willow Haywood whispers into my thoughts. I hope each of you find her as compelling, strong, and beautiful as I do.
Thanks again for having me here!

Jamie Magee

Thank you Jamie for an amazing Guest post. I truely love Insight and i am sooooo looking forward to the next book. 

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  1. Great guest post! Thanks to seeing Jamie's link on Facebook you have a new follower! Looking forward to reading more of your blog! :)


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    I really like you book grab idea. It totally cool. I may do it when I get around to payin my massive library fine lol


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