0.4 by Mike Lancaster

Pages: 273
Published: January 3rd 2011
Publisher: Egmont Books Ltd
Genre: YA Sci-Fi

It's a brave new world.

'My name is Kyle Straker. And I don't exist anymore.'

So begins the story of Kyle Straker, recorded onto old audiotapes. You might think these tapes are a hoax, but perhaps they contain the history of a past world....If what the tapes say is true, it means that everything we think we know is a lie.

And if everything we know is a lie, does that mean that we are, too?

0.4 is Mark Lancaster debut novel and its really is fantastic. The story is quite strange and wonderful all at the same time. At first a bit confusing but as we delve into this story it really turns into an amazing story.

0.4 is a story that is told as if we are in the future. It takes form of the editor Mark (yes he is the author of novel) turning the tapes of Kyle Staker into a text book (novel) and we get to learn about Kyle is four other characters life and how it changed. I think how Mark has manage to create this is just outstanding. I actually forgot that this was a story and it really got me thinking about how things are and if life and human could be like this.

Our main character is Kyle, he is your everyday average british teen an I think this is why he is easy to like even though at time he could be a bit mean. However, was 15 year old isn't? As well, as Kyle there Lily, Kate and Robert. Lily is Kyle best friends girlfriend, although she and Kyle have some history and I couldnt help but want them to get together. However, we never find out if they or do. Kate and Robert are both old. Kate an ex teacher and Robert the post man. Kate comes of very brave and Robert doesn't really at first but there is reason for that.

Apart from the amazing and thought provoking story line. I loved the Notes made by the editor as he listens to the tapes. They are funny and great to really make it believable that this book is set in future and that the readers in in future.

I really hope there is a sequel to this wonderful story I need more!!!

Rate: 4/5


0.4 is called Human.4 in the US and will be released 8th March
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  1. sounds intruiging Siobhan : ) x.

  2. It really a good read. A bit confusing to start but really interesting.

  3. Ah. Hate "judging books by the cover" but just the cover makes it look wicked interesting. Definitely going to be on my list of new reads when it comes out.

  4. Was looking at this in the shop today and almost got it, but I just got a DVD and husband would've told me off lol
    It's defo on my wishlist now though, I don't read any books that really make you think of the world around you like you've said so I'll try it : )


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