Jonas- Brother of Present (The Unnaturals #1) by Birgitta Snyder

Pages: 242
Published: November 21st 2010
Publisher: Infinity Publishing
Genre: Adult Fantasy, Paranormal

For for hundred years, Brother of Present has quietly and obediently walked next to his two sisters. Jonas and his sisters are Shape Shifters. Their Translucent form makes them undefeatable in confrontations with other Unnaturals. Yet, their immortality, beauty, and gifts come with a price. They are also Soul Eaters. To keep up the charade, interactions with Humans have ben kept impersonal and at a minimal....until now.

But as Jonas falls in love with the intriguing Eliza, the mystery around thickens. Could Eliza be a Daughter of Maigc? If so, she is the enemy and she must die

Jonas Brother of Present is the first in The Unnaturals Series by Birgitta Synder. It centres around triplets; Jonas, Sara and Mara who are Shape Shifter. Birgitta has created a new kind of Shape Shifter that is very intriguing and sucks you into their story.

At first I found the story a little slow and took me a few chapters to get into it. However, once I did I was hooked. It really captured my imagination with clever writing style and wonderful characters that are a joy to read about. This is told from Jonas point of few which is for was strange because I'm not used to reading a book where its a male point of view. After a while I got used to and found it very refreshing.

The characters in this story are very strong and all bring something to the different that makes the plot really interesting. The Triplets are all very different. Jonas seems to me quite laid back and easy going until Eliza comes into his life and he feels very protective of her. Sara is very take charge kind of woman, very strong and short temperted and then Mara is quite sweet but very curious.

Overall, this was a great read and Birgitta really has a winner here. She has created a world full of twists and turns that keep you begging for more and wanting to know what happens next.

Rate: 4/5
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