Outside In UK vs US

UK vs US

Outside In by Maria V Snyder
UK: 18th March 2011
US: Out Now
This one for me is a no brainer. The UK edition is the one that stands out more. Even though the US one a brighter with the blues. I think the darknes of the UK one with just the light colour behind the person running is just perfect.

Winner: UK
What do you prefer?


  1. I think this is a tie for me :) I love them both for different reasons. I like the how the pipe looks like it's made of water in the US one, and I like the running figure in the UK one. I wish they didn't put those words on the front cover because it's a bit of a spoiler for INSIDE OUT.

    Thanks for posting these!!

  2. US hands down. UK cover seems a lil...cliched?

  3. US is cleaner, but Trella looks too tall (like Yelena on certain covers) - argh! As a shorty I always grind my teeth when tall gals get to play us (Alice Cullen...)

  4. Couldnt agree more about the tall gals. We Shortys never get the big roles lol


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