Dark Time - by Dakota Banks Reviewed by Catarina Romeira


320 pages
Published August 1st 2009 by Eos (HarperCollins)

Three hundred years ago, she sold her soul to a demon. Now she wants it back.

For centuries, the woman calling herself Maliha Crayne has lived a second life—as an assassin for the malevolent creature who owns her soul. A haunted killer with the blood of countless victims on her hands, she has finally discovered a way to nullify the demonic pact that chains her: If she saves a life for every one she has taken, she will be free.

But if she fails, her punishments will be unspeakable, unendurable . . . and neverending.

Susannah Layhem is a healer living in Massachusetts in 1692. In a time and place where women were wrongly accused of witchcraft for the slightest offence, guess what happens to her? Sentenced to die on the stake, she dies burning with hatred and anguish. A demon, Rabishu, uses her will to live and get revenge to get her to agree to a deal. She will kill for him in exchange to become an Ageless - a immortal, full of several powers, quick-healing being. 300 years later, she starts to regret the killings. She may have a way out: to save as many people as she has killed. But will she be able to do it before dying?

And this is how the story begins. At the beginning it seemed a bit slow-paced, but it quickly got my full attention. Susannah, who becomes Maliha when she starts her mission of savior, is a very strong character: she is smart, resouceful and fierce, but also kind, passionate and brave. I liked how she was surrounded of people she helped and trusted, because it shows us how she was a true guardian angel to them.

The secondary characters were captivating, and I enjoyed to read the flashbacks of when their paths crossed with Maliha's. The story itself carries a pack of mystery and action that was appealing, with short chapters but meaningful moments. The end has this cliffhanger that left me screaming "OH NO YOU DIDN'T" because it's quite catchy and left me dying to read the next one right away.

Catarina Romeira

First Reviewed: 15th October 2010


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