Bite Club UK vs US

UK vs US

Bite Club (MV #10) by Rachel Caine - 2nd May 2011
Well I really like both cover and they both stand of for different reason. I love the girl on the UK one with the red and the look its very MV. I love the purple theme going on in the US one. However, for me there is no contest on what one is the winner.

Winner: UK
What do you prefer?


  1. Hmm, that is a tough choice. They are both pretty covers. I think the purple US cover is my favorite of the two. The background is really pretty. I have to agree that the red is really nice on the UK cover.

  2. Love the UK cover so much can't wait for Bite Club

  3. i prefer the uk covers for all of these books, Ghost town was the best though

  4. The style of the UK covers are so much better than the randomness of the US covers, but on the UK they get the models so wrong sometimes... completely agree with Mel about Ghost Town though

  5. i think it is the US that gets the models wrong all the time especially thing cover. Thats meant to be claire and shane and well that is no way shane. shane is meant to be hot and this guy is so not


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